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Consulting Services

Some times you don’t need an agent — you need a consultant.

Got an Idea?

Need someone to run it by?

Should I buy or Lease?

How much building should I build?

What zoning do I need?

Where can I get financing?

My project is stuck in Red Tape how can I move forward?

At Shasho Consulting P.A. we can answer those questions and help you move your project forward. Harry Shasho has over 20 years experience in commercial real estate and knows how to get a project through. We provide confidential answers to your tough questions.

Call today for an appointment 301-632-6320 or email

Consultation fees are on hourly basis.

And when you do need a Commercial REALTOR, I provide the best as Southern Maryland’s #1 Commercial agent in Sales and Leasing year after year.